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Introducing Multi-Patent Ask AI: Revolutionizing Patent Review and Portfolio Insights

Duration: 40 min + questions
Host: John Paul Keeler, Head of Solutions Consulting at IPRally
Guest: Tony Trippe, IP Strategy Manager at Owens Corning

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Traditionally, patent review has been enhanced through approaches like data presentation and highlighting. Yet, remarkably few efforts have delved into the core of the challenge: the understanding of the technical substance of patents. The launch of Ask AI in September served as a brilliant testament to the viability of this effort.

Now, we're thrilled to introduce Multi-patent Ask AI, designed to tackle longer result lists and even entire patent portfolios. This opens up a much faster review process and new opportunities for getting strategic and competitive insights.

In this webinar, we're excited to welcome Tony Trippe, IP Strategy Manager at Owens Corning. Tony is also the man behind ML4Patents, an online resource that covers machine learning and artificial intelligence in the field of Intellectual Property. Join us as we bring him to the studio to discuss and show the groundbreaking approach to patent review and portfolio insights.


John Paul Keeler
Head of Solutions Consulting
Tony Trippe
IP Strategy Manager
Owens Corning