Patent intelligence in minutes:
Introducing IPRally's custom classifier

In this webinar where we introduce a new, revolutionary application of IPRally's cutting-edge graph AI: a custom patent classifier that lets you access, categorize and analyze the global patent landscape using your organization's unique taxonomy.

Learn how to bring unsurpassed structure to the global patent landscape the IPRally way – quickly, accurately, custom, and with minimal effort.

• Build your custom version of IPRally's graph AI in minutes
• Train the AI with patents you have already categorized and apply your own taxonomy
• Get immediate insights to every search, with automatically categorized and labelled results
• Make data accessible to all user groups – use your own categories instead of keywords and general classes

• The applications are endless: from searches to monitoring, landscaping, scouting, competitive intelligence, portfolio analysis and due diligence.


sakari-arvela Sakari Arvela
Patent attorney
CEO and Co-founder
IPRally Technologies Oy
andreas-cehlinder Andreas Cehlinder
Chief Commercial Officer
IPRally Technologies Oy

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