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Generative AI for patent review – Introducing IPRally's Ask AI 

40 minutes + questions

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What will you learn?

Over the last five years, IPRally has reinvented patent search and classification. We have now combined our tested and proven Graph AI technology with generative AI models to provide the most powerful patent research tool ever.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to extract immediate intelligence from your patent search results with the help of IPRally's new generative AI functionality Ask AI. 

  • How does generative AI fit into patent review and what are the use cases?

  • Best practice: Examples of good questions and how to drill into details 

  • What to take into consideration: challenging questions and AI hallucinations

  • Data security: how do we ensure that your data is safe and not used for undesired purposes?

Duration: 40 minutes + questions
Hosts: John Paul Keeler and Romain Vidal

Our hosts


John Paul Keeler

Head of Solutions Consulting


Romain Vidal

Senior Account Executive